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Window terminology pipe video Bedding — method of glazing in which a thin layer of putty or glazing compound is placed in the glass rabbet, the glass pressed into the bed, the glazier's points metal tabs driven, and the sash is face-puttied over the points.

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BASIN AND CUPBOARD barricades for sale near me Файлы для загрузки. Терминология. Стандартные термины, используемые в продуктах Майкрософт. Выучить больше.  Разрабатывайте полезные приложения для платформы Microsoft Windows и используйте возможности глобализации, реализованные в популярных продуктах Майкрософт. Выучить больше. Выход на мировой рынок. The Microsoft Terminology Collection is a set of standard technology terms used across Microsoft products. Learn More. UI Translations.  Develop world-ready applications for the Microsoft Windows platform and learn about the international features built into Microsoft’s top products. Learn More. Build for a Global Audience. The Microsoft Terminology Collection can be used to develop localized versions of applications that integrate with Microsoft products. It can also be used to integrate Microsoft terminology into other terminology collections or serve as a base IT glossary for language development in the nearly languages available. Terminology is provided format, an industry standard for terminology exchange.

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