Can you put central air in a house with baseboard heat?

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Can you put central air in a house with baseboard heat? steinel hg2320e With a "split system," the condenser is outside the house and the fan-and-coil system are inside; they're connected to each other by pipes that carry refrigerant. Read this guide to learn more about central air installation, from installation costs to selecting the best unit.

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KARCHER WINDOW VAC FLASHING RED LIGHT ceiling pull cord Sure, and if your baseboard heaters are electric, you might want to get central air with gas heat. In most cases it will be less costly than running electric heat. 12 views · Answer requested by. Cody Monk.  As noted in this (now rather old) article from “This Old House”, you might be able to use and “Fan & Coil” air conditioner. See this: Adding Central Air. However this can be problematic if you don’t want to invest in, or cannot easily install, ductwork. You might have a great furnace or radiant heat and don’t want to get rid of it for a new one. Or your home might not have the room in the attic and the closets to run the ductwork between stories of the home and to install it. Or you might have an older home with solid brick and/or delicate plaster that you simply cannot justify disrupting. House has Central Air that is able to be converted to heat also and the house has baseboard heat that needs a new boiler. If I go with one heat source which would be best to go with forced air or baseboard. Propane, oil or electric available. House is vacation home for summer in MA. Email. Save.  I'd opt for propane as less expensive than the other two fuels, and put in a tank large enough to allow "forward buying" in the summer when it's cheaper. Like. Save. Why Baseboard Heaters Are So Common in Old Homes. Forced air isn't the only way to heat a home. By Timothy Dahl.  They don’t blow dust throughout the house, a common nuisance with most forced-air systems, and baseboard heaters can be used as the main heating source for your home, as an affordable way to supplement an existing heating system, or to provide heat to a newly added room or particularly cold corner of the house. Forced-air heat, which is found in many modern homes, consists of a furnace that blows heated air through a series of sheet metal ducts.  Electric baseboard heaters warm quickly and operate without a furnace, boiler, or other central mechanical system.  First, because they run along the floor, you can’t always put furniture exactly where you’d like to.

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